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This has all been reported to Police Authorities as well as the gaming commission.If any one knows js fernandes give him a good kicking from me.The guy called me with a pair of sixes and end up hitting a 4 for a bigger straight.A few people were going mad claimimg that dream catcher was rigged and the women was just changing the subject.So I am being placed at a table with this plr who has 62K. he is 1st and I am 2nd.The company is located in the Isle of Man and acquired a European Union gambling license through Malta.

In addition to the regulation, it is worth noting that that a large group of online professionals pool their hand histories and subject them to sophisticated statistical analysis.Feb 9, 2017 by Moi on PokerStars Review Busted Stars is a scam.PokerStars real money review. PokerStars brand is famous among all the players, who have ever been interested in online poker game. Moreover, some players associate.I have cashed out over 750k in 5 years and i still consistently win.For partners that have been sending PokerStars traffic for over a decade, built up a sizable database of players, and developed those players, will lose 90-95% of their marketing revenues.

Data Analysis and Breach of Privacy Does PokerStars Cheat Players.A particular player that I wrote about in my small report suddenly made his statistics unavailable at Sharkscope when I wrote about him.Yes it can but i saw this on other two tables with other players within same period of time and same tournaments.The worse of all is that they always do it not in the beginning in some small tourney but in a decisive moments against stacks that can cripple you.I always seem to lose the last card that comes out when i have good cards before it, ive never withdraw anything but Im sure the other accounts i made pissed them off because they kept emailing me saying I made other accounts I just forgot the logins most the tims and this time I wantes a cooler name.

Its discouraging but I think its time to wrap up my online experience and go back to the Live Poker rooms.I know the email got delivered, but I never received a response.Once I was playing a tourney of aprox 1300 people and in the first 10 min I had huge hands and very good pots to make around 60K while the average stack was 3500.Cancel Create your own review PokerStars Review Average rating.My hand: J9s I raced from button (for this example doesnt matter how much) 1 player called.

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PokerStars Canada Review 2018 - We rate and review their traffic, support, game options & more. Want to know where the best real money poker games are?.That means clean play constantly, and you still get to log on whenever.I continuously see 5 or more players all in ALL holding face cards.The BBB does track international companies, however, and although it has not accredited or rated PokerStars, it does have a file for the company in nearly every state.For those who have played a lot of live poker, the shit you see on PS often makes no sense.

Leave Us Your Opinion How were your experiences with PokerStars.Player reviews and ratings for PokerStars. Online Poker Traffic & News Since 2006: February 3, 2018. just like no one plays a chess grand master betting real money.Keep in mind that PokerStars has no incentive to rig poker games outside of sponsored play.Move in with 10 3 against aa and hit straight. Well. I want to talk with a person that says this shit is random.

So I guess the deck is rigged AND something in the software give u bad situations when u have OK VPIP and play ok.I had a situation after 4 h of playing to raise under the gun with AA and the guy on the button with half the stack not pressed by the blind or something decides to go all in with 89 off and hits 882 on flop.Apr 17, 2017 by Goyim on PokerStars Review From rigged to obvious joke I tried pokerstars some years ago made some statistical analysis and concluded that the site was rigged.My hand: KK I raced from big blind (for this example doesnt matter how much) 1 player called.

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Out of all the sections of Beat The Fish the online poker reviews. The problem is that when you throw in the kind of money that. I give players a real idea.Numerous calls and they just tell me ita under investagation, give us a few dats, a year and a half later and still nothing.when i finally got fed up, contacted by credit card conpany and asked them to dispute it and they informed me its too late, the 3 month grace period has expired.

PokerStars Casino Review PokerStars Casino does not allow players from United States:. which are awarded based on the amount of money you wager at the site.But ONE THING I KNOW is that if you PLAY the odds, YOU SHOULD - #1 guide to the. and other online poker games for real money. PokerStars will look a bit different without one of its top long-time ambassadors.Dec 19, 2016 by Anne on PokerStars Review Ripped Off I am in the UK.Used poker stars for the first time.So at the same time they need to get these players to play quickly so they subscribe to new tournament and pay another fee no.You post specific hands, and I have more bad beats a day than all hands written here combined, it makes no sense to post individual hands.

Most common AA (holding) to only lose to 8-3 or some ridiculous cards, with the dagger coming on the River.I also notice that they are having trouble getting 50,000 people at any given time.I think: Soon I have to not be taken out becauce of bad beats.but it wil never stop.They froze me out and I cannot use the Beat the Clock bonuses I am entitled to even though they have not refunded me my money, so technically, I am still entitled until they do so.BetOnline Poker Review. You earn points by playing real money games,. ElkY Leaves PokerStars with Interesting Goodbye.This bonus is cleared by playing real money games on Full Tilt Poker. Bodog Poker Review & Bonus; PokerStars Review & Bonus Code; Betfred Poker Promotion Code.Clearly, this is supportive of encouraging greater sized bets to maximise rake and speeding up tourneys for the same reason.Poker Stars is certainly trying this angle, as you can see from the name itself.

I have played livegames for 10 YRS and I am a winning player live.How the preflop allins always ends in a hit and mostly in straights and full houses.For that reason, it is very difficult to believe that PokerStars would rig games on a regular basis, and there is no concrete proof to suggest that PokerStars has done so.It is sure that online game will go much faster but it is still factor of hands which remains similiar.Now, even if you consider there are thousands of hands being delt every second, there is still no chance in the world for this to happen to a single player.

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